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Aikido Tanren Juku

Tanren Juku Aikido Club of Calgary, founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization affiliated to the CAF (Canadian Aikido Federation) under technical direction from Yukio Kawahara Shihan (8th dan). The name Tanren Juku translates as "Spirit Forging Academy"
It is an original martial art which is not competitive or violent and by circular movement an attacker"s energy returns to them. The techniques do not require physical strength or aggressive spirit and can be practiced by people of all ages. A variety of methods are used to cause pain and submission, without injury.
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Alberta Biathlon Club

The Alberta Biathlon Club (ABC) was incorporated as a society in May 1985. ABC was formed with the goal of maintaining the momentum of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games held in Calgary to further develop the sport of biathlon in the province and to address some of the challenges facing the sport.

The Mission and the Goals of ABC are to:
  • promote, develop and increase participation in the sport of Biathlon in Alberta;
  • foster the development, operation and maintenance of facilities for biathlon for the use of its members and others, and;
  • provide its members with opportunities and training for self-development, leadership, competition, recreation and sportsmanship in biathlon.
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Alberta Handball Association

The Alberta Handball Association aims to spread the passion that they have for handball to Alberta.
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Alberta Luge Association

The Alberta Luge Association exists to ensure the continued successful growth of the sport of Luge in Alberta through the development of its athletes, coaches and volunteers at the recreational and elite levels.
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Alberta Water Polo

With the Men's National Training Centre located in Calgary, strong competitive programs in Calgary and Edmonton, numerous recreational programs across the province, athletes, coaches, officials and team leaders on the National teams...Water Polo has become the newest, hottest sport in Alberta.
The Alberta Water Polo Association is committed to providing information and resources to everybody involved, or wishing to become involved, in water polo from players to coaches to officials to fans.
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Alien Inline

Alien In-Line was started in 1994 by four ice speed skaters that used in-line skating as a summer training method and had passion for teaching. In-line skating was booming across North America and everyone desired to learn how to do this exciting novel sport that offered a fun new way to move on wheels. At that time, Alien taught in some of Calgary's health clubs and fitness centres with its main clientele being recreational, fitness programs, and individual lessons.
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Altius Nordic Ski Club

Altius focuses on overall physical development, enhances healthy life styles and builds leadership abilities in each participant. It also provides the base and introduces an opportunity for long-term athlete development in the sports of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined skiing. Just like the Olympic Motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius", the Altius Nordic Ski Club strives for its athletes to be "Faster, Higher, Stronger". The Nordic Ski Hoppers program is geared towards “FUN and FUNDAMENTALS”. Participants are exposed to a broad range of sports and activities and cross training, including each of the Nordic disciplines. A supportive and positive environment is provided for all participants, with an emphasis on participation.
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Ares Pentathlon & Fencing Club

Ares Pentathlon & Fencing Club is dedicated to the development of individuals in the sports of Modern Pentathlon and Fencing, from a first introduction to the achievement of high performance results, while simultaneously contributing to their overall growth as active citizens.
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Badminton Alberta

The purpose of Badminton Alberta is to provide the necessary leadership to ensure the good order of the development of the sport in this province.
The organization will govern the organized aspects of the sport, including enforcement of the laws of badminton, as set out by the International Badminton Federation, at all sanctioned competitions; and the rules and regulations of Badminton Canada as they may apply to activities conducted in this province.
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Breathe Parkour

We strive to teach the sport of Parkour in a safe, fun environment. We are also passionate about seeing the sport of Parkour develop and to encourage communities all across the world to come together.

Breathe started as the world's only printing Parkour Magazine. After the release of the third issue, Breathe Parkour decided to open a purpose built Parkour training facility. The first location opened up in Calgary on March 1, 2014 with the second location opening in Lethbridge April 4th, 2015.

The Breathe Parkour Space in Calgary and Lethbridge offer classes for ages 6 to elderly, it doesn't matter how old you are, how in shape or out of shape you think you are, or if you are male or female. Parkour is a sport for everyone. Everyone goes at their own pace. This is a non-competitive sport.
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Calgary Aquabelles

The Aquabelles have a long standing history of excellence in all aspects of Synchronized Swimming. The club offers a variety of Recreational and Competitive Synchro Programs from September to June. These programs are open to all. The Aquabelles also work within the framework of the Long-Term Athlete Development program. Join the club to learn skills in Synchronized Swimming and develop new friendships through teamwork!
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Calgary Bicycle Track League

The Calgary Bicycle Track League (CBTL) is based at the Glenmore Velodrome, located in Glenmore Athletic Park, 5300, 19 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Construction of the Glenmore Velodrome started in 1974 and was completed in time to hold the National Track Championships in 1975. The velodrome is a 400 meter outdoor permanent concrete track with 29 degree banks, owned by the City of Calgary and used by the CBTL.
The facilities are located in the neighborhood of Altadore, close to Mount Royal University, Currie Barracks, Marda Loop, Garrison Woods and North Glenmore Park next to Stu Peppard arena.
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Calgary Canucks Hockey

The Calgary Canucks are a local AJHL Hockey team that run out of the Max Bell Arena.

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Calgary Chieftains

Since 1977, the Calgary Chieftains have been Calgary’s GAA club. The Chieftains are a sports and social club that promotes the traditional Irish sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling. It is fully affiliated to the GAA, through the Western Canada Divisional Board and are a registered Albertan Society (Calgary Chieftains: Gaelic Athletic Association Club).
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Calgary Fianna GAA

The GAA is a volunteer organization. It develops and promotes Gaelic games that are at the core of Irish identity and culture. The club is dedicated to ensuring that its family of games, and its values, enrich the lives of its members, families and communities. Calgary Fianna GAA is committed to active lifelong participation for all and to providing the best facilities. The GAA promotes individual development and well-being and strives to enable all its members to achieve their full potential in their chosen roles.
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Calgary Floorball Committee

The Calgary Floorball Committee is part of Floorball Alberta. A group comprised of like-minded individuals who are interested in getting Floorball well known in Alberta.
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Calgary Grizzlies Wheelchair Basketball Society

Wheelchair Basketball in Canada and in Calgary is a fully inclusive sport. Calgary is home to the Calgary Grizzlies and the Calgary Rollers Wheelchair Basketball Societies (Teams). They work together to promote the sport of wheelchair basketball and the inclusion of all abilities in programs and awareness. From able body participants to a variety of physical disabilities, and from minis to Adults (all ages), there is fun for everyone. Programs are run for the competitive sport at the University of Calgary while recreational enthusiasts play at Mount Royal University.
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Calgary Interclub Squash League

The Calgary Interclub Squash League’s (CISL) mission is to promote and facilitate competitive squash and sportsmanship within a social framework for players of all ages and abilities from across the Calgary region.
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Calgary Kangaroos

The Calgary Kangaroos kicked off footy in Calgary (2002-), growing the sport in Alberta with the formation of the Red Deer Magpies (2005-2008), the Bears (2007-), the Cowboys (2010-), and the Wolves (2015-). The Kangaroos also offered a helping hand in the formation of the Calgary Kookaburras women's club (2007-), Edmonton AFC (2008-) and Bow Valley Bison (2016-).
The Kangaroos always welcome new players into the club, with a focus on being a friendly, inclusive club. The club's mission is to grow and develop the sport of Australian Rules Football in Alberta. The Kangaroos offer programs for men, women and juniors; see the corresponding tabs for the women and junior specific programs.
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Calgary Minor Basketball Association

The Calgary Minor Basketball Association provides basketball programs for boys and girls in the city of Calgary.
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Calgary Minor Soccer Association

The Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) is the governing body of soccer in Calgary. The CMSA provides year-round opportunities for competitive and recreational soccer for youth ages 4 to 18. It also provides developmental and educational opportunities for players, coaches and referees of all ages and skill levels.
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Calgary Minor Softball Association

Established in 1970, Calgary Minor Softball Association offers community-based programs for girls and boys that offer developmental, intermediate, and competitive levels of play in each age category.
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Calgary Saracens

Focused in NW Calgary and the surrounding area, The Calgary Saracens offer a safe, fun and inclusive environment for rugby players, coaches, and supporters of all ages (4 - 50+) and abilities. The club creates a community of support, fun, and belonging and provide quality rugby teams for anyone who wants to learn, play, or support the sport of rugby. The Calgary Saracens promote a positive, healthy experience, and offer structured, skillful rugby coaching.
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Calgary Sledge Hockey

Calgary Sledge Hockey is a local sledge hockey club located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Sledge Hockey is open to people of all ages and genders. Individuals who wish to play sledge hockey should be aware that it requires a fair amount of upper body strength and balance to move around on the ice. What is sledge hockey? Sledge hockey is a Paralympic sport played at all levels around the world. The game incorporates some additional technologies to allow for the greatest amount of participation. It is an innovative team sport that incorporates the same rules and strategies as stand up ice hockey. Sledge Hockey players sit on specially designed sleds with skate blades under the seat and use two sticks, not only to pass, stick handle and shoot the puck but also to propel and maneuver their sleds. All hockey gear including a full face shield and a neck protecter are required to play sledge hockey.
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Calgary Ultimate Association

Founded in 2004, the Calgary Ultimate Association (CUA) coordinates year-round leagues, annual tournaments, and multiple outreach efforts to promote the sport of ultimate frisbee within Calgary and surrounding areas. Recreational and competitive leagues are available year-round for adults of all levels of experience. Our juniors program is always happy to welcome new children and youth.
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Calgary Winter Lacrosse

Calgary Winter Lacrosse is a registered non-profit organization that has been in operation for many years, and providing young athletes with the skills for the game. Its goal has always been for minor lacrosse players to be able to reach their full potential as a lacrosse player. It is a fun and healthy environment for goalies and runners alike.
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Centripetal Force Baton & Dance

Its mission is to provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment for athletes to develop skills in baton twirling and dance while building character, confidence and life long friendships. All athletes will be given equal opportunity to participate and grow at their own pace.
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Chinook Rhythmique Gymnastic Club

Chinook RG has over 25 years of experience training all levels of gymnasts. It strive to provide gymnasts with the highest quality of coaching available. It is the only club in Calgary training National level gymnasts and it has consistently had gymnasts on the Canadian National team since 1992 and medalists at Western Canadian Regionals since 1991.
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City of Calgary Golf

It offers affordable golfing opportunities and has eight municipal golf courses at six locations throughout the city. Whether you are a beginner or experiences player, there is a course to suit your ability. Amenities at City courses vary by location and include driving ranges, CPGA teaching professionals, golf club rentals, pull and power carts, and licensed snack bars.
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Destiny Martial Arts

Destiny Martial Arts makes continued efforts to provide the very best in Martial Arts Instruction for anyone wishing to find that one thing that they have been missing in their lives. We accept the challenge to teach you if you accept the challenge to learn. You won’t find an organization that is as enthusiastic and passionate about its craft as Destiny Martial Arts.
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Calgary Eastside Memorial Football Club

The Eastside Memorial Football Club provides an opportunity for its members to develop, learn and enjoy the sport of soccer. It is governed and operated by a volunteer board with support by a strong base of volunteers. The Club instills a spirit of family throughout the organization.
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Encorps Winterguard

The Encorps Winterguard family is a long standing fixture in the Calgary community. With a combination of challenging equipment and movement skills and a fun and inviting atmosphere, Encorps inspires its members to push themselves to the limit, enjoy the experience and act as ambassadors to the positive benefits of performing arts.
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Epic Fencing Club

The club teaches the tradition of fencing while having fun! Gross and fine motor skills are developed while playing fencing games. With special attention to safety, students learn basic techniques and tactics in a happy, non-competitive atmosphere. This class reinforces the importance of respect and good sportsmanship. Equipment is provided.
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Fencing Academy of Calgary

Fencing Academy of Calgary invites you to start the sword play by joining our club. Set a new personal goal to improve yourself physically. Get rid of a few pounds easily and with fun. You can even join some of our club members in winning medals at Provincial, Canadian and even international championships. Or you may want your kid to excel in this individual sport with future benefits such as getting scholarships at a world's top universities.
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First Serve Tennis

First Serve Tennis is Calgary's leading tennis program. Its lessons are organized, authentic, and most importantly fun!
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Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club

Foothills Orienteering (FWOC) is an active club of several hundred members in southern Alberta. It organizes races and training throughout the year, and has programs for youth and adults. The club has had a strong history of orienteering in the Calgary area for over 30 years.
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Gladiators Fencing

Gladiators Fencing in Calgary, Alberta prides itself on not only building the proper foundational skills to Olympic Fencing, but also developing its students' skills far beyond. It teaches all three disciplines of fencing to its students. Whether you are looking for help with your Epee, Foil, or Sabre Fencing in Calgary, you can rest assured that Gladiators Fencing has you covered!
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Glenmore Cricket Club

Founded in 2002, Glenmore Cricket Club is Calgary's number one cricket club, offering cricket to players of all ages & abilities, with six senior sides, and Calgary's best Junior Cricket program. With members from 15 nations it is the most multi-cultural club in the city, as well as the most sociable, with annual tours, summer BBQs, golf days, quiz nights & other social events occurring regularly.
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Hiro's Judo Club

A Judo club in Calgary.
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Mo Fan Taichi & Wushu Academy

Mo Fan Taichi & Wushu Academy was established by Master Mo Fan, an internationally recognized authority on Chinese martial art forms who has earned the title of "Distinguished Wushu Athlete" (the highest martial arts honor) by the Chinese Wushu Association and the China Ministry of Sports.
The academy is a learning community where people can find new ways to improve the quality of their lives and become familiar with China's cultural treasures. It offers a variety of classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students in both wushu and tai chi.
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Netball Alberta

Proudly championing the growth and excellence of netball in Alberta since 1975.

Netball Alberta is a not-for-profit sporting association with the Executive and Leagues based in Calgary, but facilitating netball activities and school clinics throughout the province.

Our objectives are:
  • To promote and encourage the sport of Netball in Alberta;
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on matters affecting the sport of Netball and related subjects;
  • To promote education and development within the sport of Netball, sponsoring and holding clinics and classes in connection with all aspects of the sport of Netball;
  • To print, publish, sell, lend, collect and distribute information on the sport of Netball;
  • To raise funds for the purposes of the Association and to make, institute and establish grants, rewards or other benefactions to encourage or facilitate participation, excellence or other worthy purposes in connection with the sport of Netball;
  • To organize and conduct competitions and exhibitions of the sport of Netball;
  • To associate and to affiliate with any association, organization, (incorporated or unincorporated) with aims the same as or similar to the aims of ANA; and
  • To do all such other lawful things as may be incidental to or deemed conducive of the aims of Netball Alberta.
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Osuna Karate

Osuna Karate is a SW Calgary based karate school affiliated with the World Shotokan Karate Federation out of Japan. The dojo is unique in the city as it offers two simultaneous classes for children and adults – allowing families to train together. The dojo focusses on basics, kata (forms), kumite (sparring) and physical fitness training with particular emphasis on respect and control.
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Premier Academy

Premier Academy runs programs in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Bonnyvile, and Calgary. It offers high quality cheer and tumbling programs offered by professional, knowledgeable and innovative staff.
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PGA of Alberta

The PGA of Alberta is a provincially organized branch of the Professional Golfers' Association of Canada which was formed in 1911. It is the second oldest professional golf association in the world. Operating as a not-for-profit organization, the PGA of Alberta organizes golf tournaments, education seminars, trade shows and consumer shows all with one goal in mind: to advance the careers of its Members.
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Rocky Mountain Diving Club

Rocky Mountain Diving Club (RMDC) offers recreational Learn-to-Dive and, pre-competitive programs for all ages. Its goal is to provide quality technical springboard and platform diving instruction at the introductory level in a safe, controlled, and fun environment. It incorporates trampoline and dry board training, as well as dry land strength and flexibility conditioning into all lessons.
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Squash Alberta

Alberta Squash Racquets Association was established in 1967 as a registered non-profit society in the Province of Alberta and is the governing body for the sport of squash in Alberta. In the late 80s the operating name was changed to Squash Alberta. The role of Squash Alberta is to promote and facilitate the development of squash for all Albertans.
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The Kanto Sho Karate Club

The Kanto Sho Karate Club was founded in January of 2002. The Dojo has strong roots, grounded in the teachings of karate forefathers both in Japan and Canada. The instructors have over 50 years of teaching experience amongst them. They have been training the art of Renbukai Karate since 1978. Instructors have focused their time and energy on developing their skills and that of their students in this specific art.
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Touche Fencing Club

Fencing has three disciplines, all are Olympic events, for men and women. Fencing teaches coordination, balance, control and is fun for kids and adults of all ages!
Coaches: Elya Perritt has been Canadian National Champion in many age groups, from youth to Senior levels. Jeremy Hill was a member of the Canadian National team participating in multiple World Championships. Both are NCCP certified coaches (level 3) and have coached professionally for over 20 years. Their athletes have participated in Canada Games, World Junior and Senior World Championships and have had NCAA scholarships.
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Volleyball Alberta

Incorporated in 1974, Volleyball Alberta is the official governing body and provides the organizational structure for the sport of Volleyball in the province of Alberta. Volleyball Alberta is involved in every facet of the sport by running programs at all levels both indoors and in the rapidly growing area of Beach Volleyball.
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Waterwerks Kayak Club

The Waterwerks Kayak Club encourages and facilitates the growth of canoeing and kayaking on moving water by enabling its youth and adult members to develop their paddling skills leading to a stronger paddling community. The club offers exceptional kayak programs year-round for beginner to advanced paddlers. Waterwerks strives to make kayaking accessible and fun for all ages and abilities.
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Wheelchair Sports Alberta

Wheelchair Sports Alberta is a registered charitable non-profit association responsible for the development and delivery of provincial level sport programs and services throughout Alberta
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Wee Wild Ones

Wee Wild Ones is a yoga studio for kids and families located in Bridgeland. It provides a variety of kids classes and programs for wee little ones and not-so-little ones.
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A sport rapidly gaining popularity, Wiffle Ball is a favourite pastime of children in backyards everywhere.