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Calgary Soccer Centre, Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA, Glenmore Athletic Park, Repsol Sport Centre, Southland Recreation Centre, Trico Wellness Centre, University of Calgary, Village Square Leisure Centre, Vivo, Westside, WinSport
Vivo, Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Trico Wellness Centre, Southland Recreation Centre

Acrobatic Dance & Tumbling

Acrobatic Dance, or Acro, is a fun, athletic blend of dance and acrobatics. It is a style of dance which combines balance, agility and motor coordination with classical dance technique. In this session, you will become familiar with elements such as balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering.
Southland Recreation Centre


In this session, you will learn the modern art of Aikido. Aikido is a dynamic Japanese martial art created in the 20th century and it depends on balance and timing rather than striking. The intent is not to harm an attacker, but rather defend yourself. In this session, you will be introduced to the foundations of Aikido, including throws, locks, posture and movement techniques.

Archery (Discover)

For every child who has ever loved the story of Robin Hood, or wanted to shoot a bow like Katniss Everdeen, this is the sport for them! Discover your passion for Archery under the guidance of certified instructors. In this session, participants will learn proper safety, form and shooting skills with a bow and arrow.
Note: This activity is held outdoors and requires weather appropriate clothing. As this is an outdoor activity weather may force its cancellation. If cancelled, it cannot be re-scheduled.
Calgary Soccer Centre

Aussie Rules Football

In this session, you will learn the unique sport of Australian Football! Australian Football is usually played on an outdoor grass oval in the summer, but in the winter, it becomes a non-contact indoor sport suitable for all ages and abilities. We'll teach you kicking, marking (catching), handballing and bouncing. The skills in this fun and free-flowing game are easy to learn. Bring your runners and a bottle of water, and we'll teach you the skills and play some modified games.
Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA, Vivo, Westside


From a backyard barbeque to the indoor courts, badminton is a sport that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings for many age groups. In this session, children will learn the basic skills, techniques and rules of badminton. We'll emphasize participation, etiquette and hand-eye coordination.
Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Trico Wellness Centre, Village Square Leisure Centre


This session is great for both first-timers and the more experienced players. In this session, you will participate in a non-competitive, fun environment where you will gain exposure to the fundamentals of basketball: shooting, dribbling, passing and more! Sign up and discover a great way to socialize and exercise.

Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Southland Recreation Centre, Trico Wellness Centre, Vivo

Baton Twirling

Baton Twirling and Dance is a fun sport that develops hand-eye coordination, concentration, a sense of timing and spatial awareness. In this 45-minute session, you will be taught a variety of twirling basics including how to hold and balance a baton, forward figure 8s, horizontal wrist twirls, rolls and tosses. Learn this fun skill that you can show to your friends and come twirl with us!


Summer biathlon is a safe and fun introduction to the basics of this Olympic sport. In this session, we will get your adrenaline pumping by teaching you the art of safe shooting. The session will finish with teams running a fun relay race to simulate how it would be conducted in the Olympic games.
University of Calgary


Bouldering is a specialized type of climbing that keeps you close to the ground and requires no rope. It challenges participants to map out routes along the wall and determine the best way to reach the goal. Guaranteed to be a physical challenge, in this session you will practice the skills you learn through games and challenges. Perfect for any high-energy participants!
Repsol Sport Centre


In this session, you will take the first step to becoming a cheerleader! You will learn basic cheer motions, a short dance and even some basic stunting!
WinSport, Westside, Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA, Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Southland Recreation Centre, Vivo


Children are natural climbers, making the sport of climbing the perfect way to learn some of the skills required to put that natural ability to use! Climbing can build strength, enhance problem solving skills and help develop fearlessness.
Note: If you are registered for climbing at WinSport's Canada Olympic Park, this is an outdoor activity. It is therefore weather dependent and subject to cancellation. If it is cancelled, it cannot be rescheduled. At all other locations, the climbing sessions are indoors.


In this session, you will be able to experience Canada’s largest indoor obstacle course race training facility in a fun, exciting way. Comprised of obstacles over 15,000 square feet of indoor training space, this obstacle course has something to offer for all physical abilities and ages. This sport includes obstacles similar to those found on American Ninja Warrior, Spartan races, and many other international obstacle events. Sign up for this session to have fun, make friends and get active with us!

Calgary Soccer Centre, Glenmore Athletic Park


Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field. It is a fun team sport that is played all around the world. It is getting more and more popular in Calgary, with several local clubs offering cricket to juniors. Kids of all ages can play and learn the skills to bat, bowl, catch and throw. It is a great sport for developing coordination, team work and having a lot of fun. Why not give it a try?
Weather permitting if scheduled outdoors.
Southland Recreation Centre


Traditionally played on curling sheets, children will have the opportunity to come out on our modified arena ice and learn the basics! Among other things, participants will have the opportunity to experience throwing a rock, work on their balance through the art of sliding and learn how to sweep!
This activity takes place on the ice. Please ensure your child is dressed in appropriate sport clothing (i.e.. long sleeved tops and pants, mittens or gloves, NO shorts), and brings a water bottle.
Clean indoor shoes and a CSA-approved helmet are required to allow you to slide on the ice.
Trico Wellness Centre


Come out and Dance! The award-winning program inspires adults, children and families to get playful with dance through its high energy and motivating class format! Family DANCEPL3Y allows parents and children to get interACTIVE as they develop personal fitness, musicality, and FUNdamental movement skills. Develop physical literacy and self-confidence through the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself’
Repsol Sport Centre


In this pool session, you will work on coordination, controlling your movements and perfecting your timing. These skills are key when learning how to jump off a board without making a splash! You will be shown how to do a proper head first dive and will also have a chance to jump off the 5m diving tower!

Children should feel comfortable in deep water without the use of a flotation device. Participants must provide own swimsuit and towel. Please note goggles are not permitted for diving

Registration Note: To allow locker room time, do not register for a session outside of the Aquatic Centre immediately before or after. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to allow time to change. Parents may assist their children in the change room.
Repsol Sport Centre, Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA, Glenmore Athletic Park, Trico Wellness Centre, University of Calgary, Village Square Leisure Centre, Westside


This is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at a sport that has been in the Olympic program since the first Games of 1896! Fencing is a sport of skill, strategy and quick decision making. In this session, you will be taught the basic fencing movements, techniques and rules. Athletes develop quick reflexes, agility, power and balance, all while having fun. Protective clothing ensures safety for participants of any age!
Southland Recreation Centre

Figure Skating

Learn the basics of figure skating through some fun on-ice instruction with professional coaches and staff. Great opportunity for exposure to the basics of skating, early figure skating technique or power skating. No experience is necessary, however being able to stand on skates would be an asset. Participants should bring a CSA approved helmet and skates (hockey or figure skates). Figure skating is at Southland and will accept kids with hockey skates. Note that you can rent hockey skates and helmets directly from Southland, at a discount rate of $5 for skates and $4 for helmets. Please arrive early to check-in and rent the equipment.
Genesis Centre/ Saddletowne YMCA

Field Hockey

A world-renowned Olympic sport with growing popularity in North America, Field Hockey is played by both male and females. In this session, you will learn the rules, proper stick handling skills, and game-play scenarios. This dynamic game requires technical skills and strategy. It's a great cross training sport for hockey, ringette and soccer players. This session is held indoors on artificial turf.


Join this session to be introduced to the fast-paced, exciting game of floorball. Floorball is like hockey, but it is played with a ball on a hard surface. It is an excellent off-ice training sport for hockey players, as they can practice their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills anywhere, at any time. Hockey players or children new to the sport are welcome to develop their skills. This activity is co-presented by Hockey Canada, and the session will be non-contact.
WinSport, Calgary Soccer Centre

Gaelic Football (Irish Football)

Gaelic football is a game that combines soccer, rugby and basketball to form a fast-paced, exciting game. It is traditionally played on a field (but can be modified to be played indoors), and points are scored by kicking the ball through the uprights, or by scoring a goal on the net. In this session, you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of this traditional Irish sport through simple drills and demonstrations. All skill levels are welcome!

Golf - Putting Technique

Learn one of the most fun and fundamental aspects of the game of golf: putting. Two Canadian Professional Golfers' Association (CPGA) instructors, supported by WinSport personnel, will teach the fundamentals of proper putting technique for grip, posture, accuracy, speed, and learning how to read a green. Practice time with coaches on the mini golf course with its sloped surfaces and obstacles will challenge participants as they apply what they have learned.
Glenmore Athletic Park

Golf - Swing Technique

Learn the basics of the sport of golf in a fun, relaxed environment. Specifically designed "kid sized" clubs will enhance the learning experience. Adult sized clubs are also available for taller children. In this session, Canadian Professional Golfers' Association (CPGA) instructors will provide advice and teaching to give you all the fundamental knowledge and technique to carry out a proper golf swing.
Genesis Centre/ Saddletowne YMCA


The Canadian Sport for Life recognizes that gymnastics is a foundation sport and contributes significantly to overall fitness and physical literacy. It uses muscle groups and body orientation that are uncommon to many other activities. The most useful aspect of the sport of gymnastics is the principle that you teach a student to control their own body in a variety of situations while utilizing the fundamental movement patterns of gymnastics: locomotions, springs, swings, statics, rotations and landings. The sport of gymnastics helps each person develop total control of his or her body.
University of Calgary


Handball is an athletic game played on a court where players must run back and forth trying to score goals on the net (like a soccer net). You will learn to make shots with your non-dominant as well as dominant hands to make it easier to score goals. Handball promotes the development of fitness, hand-eye coordination and bilateral strengthening of the body. Sign up and come learn the ABC's of handball. Be prepared to have fun! No prior experience or equipment are required.

Hockey (Discover)

This session will offer you a chance to gain some experience playing Canada’s national sport. Hockey is a very popular sport with kids as it incorporates balance, speed, strength, teamwork and fun into the game. You will learn a variety of basic hockey skills through individual practice and non-contact modified games.

Special Notes:
Children signing up for this session should feel comfortable on skates and have basic skating skills

Helmets and skates are provided, but you may bring your own helmet and skates. If you chose to bring your own helmet it must be a proper CSA approved hockey, ski or skateboarding helmet.

Mandatory warm clothing not provided: Gloves or mittens, long and comfortable pants (snow pants are suggested), and a long-sleeved sweatshirt or jacket.

Parent must bring ID in order to borrow skates. Parents are expected to assist their children with fitting and tying skates.

Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA, Westside

In-Line Skating

In this session, Alien In-Line will be presenting the basic skills associated with the sport of In-Line Skating. You will learn the basics of how to stand, falling safely, beginner forward movement, stopping and turning. Skills will progress into games and activities that further develop balance and proficiency on skates. You will be supplied with In-Line skating gear, including helmets, knee, wrist and elbow pads, and Rollerblade™ brand In-Line Skates.
Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA


Judo is an exciting Olympic sport that combines throwing and grappling techniques to make an exciting sport and a practical method of self-defence. Originating from Japan, this sport will test you physically and mentally. In this 45-minute session, you will learn the balance, power and movement to execute basic judo techniques. You will also become familiar with falling techniques and the rules of safety and courtesy.
Trico Wellness Centre


Karate is a form of martial arts with Japanese origin, famous for its art of self-defence. In this session, children will learn how to safely punch, kick, block and use evasive body movements to dodge opponents. This is also be a great chance to learn and develop coordination, strength and flexibility.


Karate for all abilities - Osuna Karate
If you have a body and you train it you are an athlete. Osuna Karate teaches traditional Shotokan Karate for all ages and abilities. Our karate-able program is a development initiative looking to include individuals with motor and cognitive disabilities in the practice of Karate. Our program works on integration and our classes include recreational, high performance and individual with visible disabilities.
Repsol Sport Centre


The pool is the ideal place to start kayaking. This session will give you a taste of kayaking whether you envision paddling on a tranquil lake or seek the adrenalin rush of a surging white-water river. It all starts with basic kayaking skills.
Beginner swimming skills are sufficient to participate in this activity. Floatation devices are available on site. Must bring own swimsuit and towel.
Registration Note: To allow locker room time, do not register for a session immediately before or after. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to allow time to change. Parents may assist their children in the change room.
Calgary Soccer Centre


Did you know that Lacrosse is Canada's National Summer Sport? This is a great sport for children who love to run and a good opportunity to learn some new skills. It is played using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick with a mesh net. The objective of the game is to score by shooting the ball into an opponent's goal, using the lacrosse stick to catch, carry, and pass the ball.
This session will be non-contact, with a skill development focus. Lacrosse sticks and balls will be supplied.
Note: See the Calgary Winter Lacrosse website for youth programs.

Learn To Skate

Learn to Skate will teach new skaters the sport of skating, and assist current skaters at developing their skills. The participants will get an introduction to on-ice safety and then they will be placed into smaller groups to work on their individual skills in a fun and safe environment.

Special Notes:

Skaters should be between a Learn to
Skate level 1 – 3

Level 1 – You are a first-time skater.

Level 2 – You have skated a few times, can walk or stride forwards on your skates and can fall down and get up.

Level 3 – You can skate and stride forwards and you are now developing your backwards skating skills.

Helmets and skates are provided, but you may bring your own helmet and skates. If you chose to bring your own helmet it must be a proper CSA approved hockey, ski or skateboarding helmet.

Mandatory warm clothing not provided: Gloves or mittens, long and comfortable pants (snow pants are suggested), and a long-sleeved sweatshirt or jacket.
Parent must bring ID in order to borrow skates. Parents are expected to assist their children with fitting and tying skates.


This session will give children the once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about the incredible Olympic sport of luge, including the equipment, rules and techniques. After learning the basics, each participant will experience the sport first-hand by negotiating a specially-designed dry land course on a Roller Luge.
Please dress for the weather. If the session is cancelled due to poor weather, it cannot be rescheduled.
University of Calgary

Mini Ninja Warriors

Kids will have the opportunity to develop Fundamental Movement Skills through participation in a variety of cooperative games and physical activities. These activities are designed to increase physical literacy, which provides a solid foundation for children to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to engage with confidence in a wide variety of activities. It promotes inclusivity, cooperation, functional fitness, and you will have a blast!

Mountain Biking Level 1

This sport is awesome if you want to learn to ride safely on dirt. Previous bike riding experience is required but NO trail experience is necessary. All equipment - including mountain bikes and helmets - are provided; however, you are encouraged to bring your own bike and helmet as well as any additional protective equipment. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.
Please ensure your child is dressed in weather appropriate sport clothing (i.e. Running shoes, jacket). Consider brining a water bottle, sun screen and insect repellent. If the session is cancelled due to poor weather, it cannot be rescheduled.

Mountain Biking Level 2

This program is for kids who are comfortable riding on pavement and roads and are now looking to be challenged on grass and dirt! Kids will be introduced to all aspects of mountain biking including cross-country, enduro and downhill. All equipment - including mountain bikes and helmets - are provided; however, you are encouraged to bring your own bike and helmet as well as any additional protective equipment. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.
Please ensure your child is dressed in weather appropriate sport clothing (i.e. Running shoes, jacket). Consider brining a water bottle, sun screen and insect repellent. If the session is cancelled due to poor weather, it cannot be rescheduled.

Westside, Southland Recreation Centre


Sign up for Netball and learn about this popular European team sport that is gaining popularity in Canada! It is played in a gymnasium and combines skills from basketball and team handball. This is a great chance for participants to try something new and learn some valuable team-building strategies while being active and having fun.

Repsol Sport Centre


Orienteering is a fun cross-country adventure sport in which the participant uses a detailed map and sometimes a compass to help them navigate through the race course. The object is to run to a series of points shown on the map, choosing routes both on and off trail, that will help them find all the points and get back to the finish in the shortest amount of time. Orienteering is a sport that combines running and navigation. Imagine a cross-country running race where everyone picks their own route.
In this session, participants will go throughout the park surrounding Repsol Centre to explore the grounds and to discover the sport of orienteering!
This activity is held outdoors and is weather dependent.

University of Calgary

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that is quickly gaining popularity in Canada. It is a fun way to improve balance and overall fitness. Although you would usually need access to a lake or river, in this session you will learn the skills needed to comfortably and efficiently manoeuvre a stand-up paddle board on flat water in a pool. Instruction includes introduction to equipment, balance, appropriate locations as well as strokes and skills. We will discuss stability and group safety.

Calgary Soccer Centre


Parkour is a sport that uses movements developed from military obstacle course training. Participants aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment as fast as possible without using any equipment. In this session, you will learn safety techniques and how to navigate obstacles with the basic parkour skills. You will become a pro in no time!

For this session please wear clean indoor shoes and comfortable clothing (jeans are not recommended).
Glenmore Athletic Park


Quidditch is a mixture of handball, dodgeball, flag football and rugby. The main goal is to score the quaffle through one of the three hoops on your opponents end. Bring a pair of running shoes and a water bottle.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is an exciting and unique sport to watch. It consists of two teams of five members that roller skate around a track and try to score points by lapping the opposite team. A roller derby game is called a Bout. Each Bout consists of multiple Jams. A Jam is a two-minute period in which teams attempt to score points. In this session, you will learn the basics of roller derby and how to move around a track on roller skates!

If you have your own roller skates (quad roller skates not in-line roller blades) please bring them. Otherwise, roller-skates, kneepads and helmets will be provided.

Repsol Sport Centre, Trico Wellness Centre

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport involving a routine performed to music with manipulation of different apparatus: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. It requires flexibility, balance, hand eye coordination, grace, and agility. In this session, you will learn some new tricks with a ball, skipping rope, hoop, learn spirals, snakes, or circles with ribbons. Boys and girls are welcome.

Glenmore Athletic Park


Rugby, a field game using an oval leather ball, is a great option for boys and girls who have lots of energy. Rugby players move the ball forward by running with the ball or kicking to score points on the opponent’s goal. Rugby is a safe way to burn off some steam and work together with your teammates.
At All Sport One Day, touch rugby, a non-contact version of the game is played. Participants will be grouped on the field according to age and ability so they are with the appropriate peer group.
Outdoor sessions are subject to cancellation in the case of poor weather. If cancelled, the session cannot be rescheduled.



Instructed by trained and experienced skateboarders, participants will be able to learn the basics as well as some tricks. Instructors will also offer tips and assist the participants with any questions they might have.


Helmets and skateboards are provided.

Those who wish to bring their own helmets and skateboards may do so.

Knee pads and elbow pads are recommended but NOT supplied.

Ski Jumping

Attend this session and take the first step towards soaring through the air off a ski jump! Ever been inspired to try Ski Jumping? Now is the perfect time to try out this unique sport, in a safe and controlled environment. Yes, ski jumping can be done in summer, with the specialized equipment provided.
Special Notes:

Intermediate downhill ski skills are required to participate in this activity.

Please bring an extra pair of heavy socks to assist with ski boot fitting.

The session time is 1 hour and 45 minutes compared to other 45-minute sessions


Sledge Hockey

Sledge hockey is a Paralympic sport played at all levels around the world. It is an innovative team sport that incorporates the same rules and strategies as stand up ice hockey. Sledge hockey players sit on specially designed sleds with skate blades under the seat and use two sticks, not only to pass, stick handle and shoot the puck, but also to propel and maneuver their sleds. In this session, you will have the opportunity to try out this amazing sport while developing skills and friendships along the way.

Special Notes:
Helmets, sticks and sleds are provided, but you may bring your own helmet. If you chose to bring your own helmet it must be a proper CSA approved hockey, ski or skateboarding helmet.

Mandatory warm clothing not provided: Gloves or mittens, long and comfortable pants (snow pants are suggested), and a long-sleeved sweatshirt or jacket.

Calgary Soccer Centre


Attend this session for your chance to pick up some tips from a certified soccer coach.
Soccer is the largest participation sport in the world and is followed by millions. It’s easy to learn and provides healthy physical activity for players at all levels of ability. The game itself consists of two teams and promotes fundamental skills such as: kicking, running, jumping and other motor skills. In this session, you will not only learn more about the game of soccer, but also play games and build friendships.

Southland Recreation Centre


This session will introduce you to the exciting and easy-to-learn game of softball! This dynamic and strategic game develops fundamental movement skills including throwing, batting, catching and running. Softball is a team sport that depends on team co-operation to succeed. If you like to run, bat and throw, this is the sport for you! Come out and give it a try. You may decide to join a team!

University of Calgary

Speed Skating

With coaches from the Calgary Speed Skating Club you’ll be able to experience the “fastest ice in the world” in the Olympic Oval. Speed skates and helmets are provided, and no previous skating experience is necessary. Kids will be group according to ability and learn fundamental ice and speed skating skills in this one of a kind environment! Participants must wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, and gloves or mittens in order to take part. Helmets are mandatory. You may use your own helmet if it is a CSA approved hockey, snowboard/ski, skateboarding helmet only, and must be secured under the chin. Please arrive early to allow time for skate fitting. Parents are expected to assist in fitting and tying of skates.
University of Calgary, Southland Recreation Centre


Squash is a fun, fast-moving racquet sport that will challenge you both physically and mentally. Singles and doubles play in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball. Players must alternate in striking the ball with their racquet and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. In this session, you will be introduced to the equipment, swing techniques, and basic movements. Squash is a sport that can be adapted for kids of all ages and helps builds coordination, fitness and strength!
This session will be taught by certified coaches with all equipment provided.

University of Calgary, Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA

Synchronized Swimming

In this session, you will learn the graceful and challenging Olympic sport of synchronized swimming. You will master different sculling techniques, eggbeater technique for legs and some basic positions in the water. You will also can try unique entries into the water. Please bring your own goggles and nose plugs (only a limited number of nose plugs will be available). Children with long hair should wear a bathing cap. Beginner swimming skills are sufficient to participate in this activity but children should feel comfortable in deep water.

Registration Note: To allow locker room time, do not register for a session outside of the Aquatic Centre immediately before or after. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY to allow time to change. Parents may assist their children in the change room.
Village Square Leisure Centre

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a 130 year old sport that originates in England. Fitness, quick reflexes, strong judgment, anticipation, strategy and technical skills are all attributes of an international level table tennis athlete. The sport is in numerous major events, such as the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and Commonwealth Games.
Genesis Centre/Saddletowne YMCA


Tae Kwon Do (also known as Taekwondo) is the art of self defense that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world, reaching back over 2,000 years. The name was selected for its appropriate description of the art: Tae (foot), Kwon (hand), Do (art). In this session, you will be taught the basics of kicking, punching and self-defence, as well as ways to develop a strong focused mind and confidence.
Southland Recreation Centre, Westside, Cardel Rec South/Shawnessy YMCA


Tennis is a world-class sport that is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages. You can be an individual athlete or a team competitor; everyone is welcome. Tennis is a racquet sport, which uses a yellow/green rubberized ball and is played on a court. This version will be played indoors with smaller nets, to encourage beginners to learn the strokes, experience early success and have fun!
Tennis racquets and balls are provided.

Glenmore Athletic Park

Track Cycling

Would you like to improve your cycling in a safe, fun, friendly, supportive and social environment? The velodrome is a terrific place to learn skills, develop technique and speed in a closed, controlled environment away from the dangers of potholes, traffic and other hazards. The track program is focused on young athletes aged 12 to 19 (under 12 at coach’s discretion). The track is a great place to train for other cycling disciplines and cross-train for many other sports including hockey, skiing, ringette, swimming and running. All Sport One Day is a great opportunity to be introduced to the banked track and the specialized bikes that we use.

NOTE: This is NOT a learn to bike activity. Participants should have intermediate biking skills to participate in this activity.

Participants must provide their own bike helmet.

Minimum height required is 1.52 m (5 feet) tall to fit the specialized track style bicycles that are provided.

The sessions are weather dependent and will not be rescheduled in the case of inclement weather.

Please arrive early to the Check In area near the running track. The velodrome is located in the south of Glenmore Athletic Park; a 5 or 10 minute walk from the Check-In area.



The WWSI Trampoline Centre is a brand-new training facility, specially designed for acrobatic training for skiers and snowboarders. Located in the formerly known Program Centre in the Old Olympic Hall of Fame (OHOF), the trampoline centre features 2 trampolines (one black bed and one eurotramp) and a 20” x 20” foam pit. In this session, you will learn some basic trampoline skills that could be applicable to a future in free ski or snowboard, other sports, or just for future trampolining!

Calgary Soccer Centre

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is played with a flying disc and is a fast-pasted, non-contact team sport that combines the throwing and catching skills of football with the non-stop, open field movement of soccer, and the stop/start offensive/defensive play of basketball. This is a great sport for all those kids who don't get tired! Once you learn the basic skills, it's a sport that can be adapted to your location, and played for many years with friends.


Modified Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is an extremely unique sport that is fun to play and helps kids develop their swimming abilities. It is a non-contact sport that is played on the bottom of the pool and playing quickly builds swimming capabilities. Two teams of 6 players will play against each other. It will be played in the shallow end of the wave pool; players should be able to swim in water as they will need to be swimming underwater to get to the puck.

University of Calgary, Trico Wellness Centre, Vivo


Volleyball is an engaging and fun sport that helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination and fitness. It is an Olympic team sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. The object of the game is to send the ball over the net with your team and ground it on the opposing side. At All Sport One Day we will focus on indoor volleyball. This is an energy demanding sport which will introduce you to skills such as serving, passing, setting, blocking, and vertical jumping. If you like to be part of a team, this is a great chance to try volleyball.
Repsol Sport Centre, University of Calgary, Westside, Village Square Leisure Centre

Water Polo

Water Polo provides the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and FUN for youngsters who love to be in the water. It's a dynamic game played in various sized courts in a swimming pool. Water polo is an excellent way to develop strong swimming skills as well as hand-eye coordination and core strength. Players develop social skills in the team environment. Come on out and give it a try! Water polo may become your next passion!
Expert swimming is not required, but participants should feel comfortable in the water! Floatation devices may be used and a limited number are available on site. Every level of swimmer can participate and contribute! Please bring your own bathing suit and towel, flotation devices will be provided if necessary.
Registration Note:
To allow time to change your clothing, do not register for a session immediately before or after your water polo session.
Repsol Sport Centre

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball can be an extremely challenging and exciting sport for both disabled and able bodied athletes alike. This session welcomes both groups of players!
Wheelchair basketball uses the same rules as regular basketball with the exception of the double dribble (which does not exist). Participants will learn how to use a sport wheelchair along with some of the progressions and skills necessary for the wheelchair game. Both chair and team skills are practiced individually, during a game, and using fun scenarios.
A variety of wheelchairs are provided to fit all. Please wear pants or shorts with no pockets.
Able-bodied participants are also welcome!

Repsol Sport Centre

Wheelchair Rugby

Disabled as well as able-bodied participants are welcome!

In this session, you will have an opportunity to learn how to play the intense sport of Wheelchair Rugby. This game is played on a regulation size basketball court with four players a side. It is a mixed gender sport, where both male and female athletes play on the same teams. The object of the game is for players to score by crossing the opposing team’s goal line while maintaining possession of the ball. This can be accomplished through passing, bouncing, and carrying of the ball. The games in this session will be non-contact.

Repsol Sport Centre

Wheelchair Tennis

Disabled as well as able-bodied participants are welcome!

The size of the court, ball, and racket in wheelchair tennis are the same as standing tennis; however, there are two major differences. The first is the specially designed chair, and the second is the allowance for the ball to bounce twice and remain in play. The second bounce can also occur outside of normal court boundaries. This session will provide you with the basic skills developed through practice and game play.

Glenmore Athletic Park

Wiffle Ball

This session will provide you with a chance to develop and practice skills that are like those you would require for baseball. A Wiffle ball is hollow, made of rubbery plastic and has holes cut into it to affect the way it is thrown or hit. Wiffle ball can be played on a smaller field than a baseball field because the ball, even when hit well, does not travel nearly as far. This sport is an excellent option for participants of any age or skill level and will encourage teamwork and physical activity.
Vivo, Westside


Winterguard is a sport of the arts and in this session, you will have the chance to learn an activity that few people get the chance to participate in! Winterguard is a variation of colour guard that is played indoors. Modern color guard is a combination of the use of flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement. Winterguard is a social, fun activity that teaches coordination, healthy competition and encourages individuality!


Wushu (Martial Arts)

Wushu is a traditional form of Chinese martial arts that can be both an exhibition and a combat sport. The sport is divided into several different disciplines and is both mental and physical. In this session, you will focus on the physical training, which includes executing kicks, punches, balances, throws and jumps. Mental training is also a very important part of wushu, and includes engaging the heart, spirit and mind while focusing on breathing and strength.

Village Square Leisure Centre


Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. In this session, you will learn the basics of yoga in a fun and engaging environment.